Favorite scenes of Doctor Who 8.06 “The Caretaker”
▬ His definition proceeds himself… " The Rebel Time Lord"

Modern Couture" Daniela De Jesus By Benjamin Kanarek For Elle Vietnam October 2014

J :You’re doing fine in the job, Rache. More than fine. 

R:Will you tell Godzilla that? Cos she’s sucking a lemon every time she looks at me and I just want to say, “I’m sorry I’m such a disappointment,but you chose me.”

Regina? I know you’re in there, I can see the lights on.

Karen Gillan - InStyle UK - September 2014

Never lose your temper in the middle of a door sign.

Red in Ashes: Season 1


Emilio Pucci Fall 2011 rtw

I’m happy, hope you’re happy too.